Family & Pediatric Doctors

Family & Pediatric Doctors

Think of us when you need family medical care in Rawlins, WY

Crossroads of Wyoming Recovery can provide all kinds of primary care, including women's health and pediatrics. We offer medicated assisted therapy for addiction and pain management, which goes through certified doctors on our primary care team.

We are always accepting new patients to benefit from our family medical care services in Rawlins, WY. When you approach Crossroads of Wyoming Recovery, we'll perform a full workup and diagnose any issues so we can treat them.

Call 307-324-8820 today to learn more about what we can do to help you and your family.

Meet: Shandra Shepard, Nurse Practioner | Rawlins, WY

You want your child to have access to the best medical care possible. We provide thorough, attentive pediatric care throughout Rawlins, WY because we know the importance of your child's well-being. Our Family Nurse Practitioner specialises in Family, Women's Health, Medication Management and Suboxone Medicated Assisted Treatment.

We can provide:

  • School and sports physicals
  • Comprehensive checkups
  • Immunizations
  • Routine lab work
We can also stitch up minor wounds. Contact us now to find a pediatric doctor in Rawlins, WY right away.

  • Milder withdrawal and detoxification process
  • Long lasting. Once maintained, the frequency of prescription is determined by the physician and can vary from weekly to monthly, depending on the patient's needs
  • Safer than traditional prescription opiates; Suboxone alone is unlikely to result in an overdose
  • Reduced heath risks, especially for those currently injecting drugs
  • Treats withdrawal and cravings, and blocks effect of other opiates so patients can fully participate in their recovery process
  • Greater program flexibility compared to traditional requirements of methadone treatment programs