Animal Connective Services

Animal Connective Services

We provide animal therapy in Rawlins, WY

Crossroads of Wyoming Recovery offers plenty of opportunities for you and your family to interact with gentle, loving animals trained to offer support. Support animals can be a calming influence on people struggling with recovery.

Children who have experienced trauma can benefit greatly from animal therapy in Rawlins, WY. This program teaches them responsibility and coping skills. It can also raise children's self-esteem.

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Find animal connective services in Rawlins, WY

As part of our animal connective services in Rawlins, WY, we work with all kinds of therapy dogs and occasionally therapy horses. When you work with therapy animals, your confidence gets a boost.

Therapy animals can also aid in:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Providing comfort and support
  • Increasing socialization
  • Lowering feelings of isolation
  • Motivating a swift recovery
Reach out now so you or your child can start working with a support animal.